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Spotlight on Relationships

Spotlight on Relationships

When it comes to relationships, is the Bible the first place you would go for advice, or is it perhaps the last? Consider how its ancient wisdom compares with recent research.


Sixty-one percent of youths aged 18-25 believe that premarital sex “is no longer a big issue in India,” according to a 2014 survey. A Mumbai-based physician told the Hindustan Times that in his view, “embarking on a relationship does not mean youngsters have marriage on their mind. Whether it is a one-night stand, a casual relationship or a live-in, commitment does not have to be on the agenda.”

TO THINK ABOUT: Are sexually transmitted diseases and emotional trauma more closely associated with sex before marriage or sex after marriage?1 Corinthians 6:18.


Having frequent arguments with family members is associated with a double risk of dying in middle age. Researchers at the University of Copenhagen tracked almost 10,000 middle-aged people over an 11-year period and found that participants who frequently argued with someone close to them were far more likely to die prematurely than those who seldom had conflicts. An author of the study says that handling worries and demands and managing conflicts “may be considered important strategies for reducing premature deaths.”

THE BIBLE SAYS: “A man of knowledge restrains his words, and a discerning man will remain calm.”Proverbs 17:27.

United States

“Cyclical couples”—those who break up and get back together during courtship—are more likely to have a trial separation during the first five years of their marriage, according to a recent study of 564 newlyweds in Louisiana. They also tend to have more conflict and to be less satisfied with their marriage.

THE BIBLE SAYS: “What God has yoked together [in marriage], let no man put apart.”Matthew 19:6.