The Bible​—What Is Its Message?

What is the basic message of the Bible?

Why Examine the Bible?

Consider some helpful facts about the Bible, the world’s most popular book.


The Creator Gives Man a Paradise

How does the Bible describe the creation of humans? What commands did God give the first human pair?


Paradise Lost

When calling Adam and Eve to account for their actions, what basis for hope did God provide?


Mankind Survives the Flood

How did wickedness spread in the earth? How did Noah prove that he was a faithful man?


God Makes a Covenant With Abraham

Why did Abraham move to Canaan? What covenant did Jehovah make with Abraham?


God Blesses Abraham and His Family

What did Jehovah convey when he asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac? What did Jacob prophesy before he died?


Job Keeps His Integrity

How does the book of Job show that all intelligent creatures can contribute to the vindication of God’s sovereignty?


God Delivers the Sons of Israel

How was Moses used by God to free the Israelites from slavery in Egypt? What was the basis for the Passover celebration?


The People of Israel Enter Canaan

When the Israelites entered Canaan, why did Jehovah spare Rahab and her family in Jericho?


The Israelites Ask for a King

When the Israelites asked for a king, Jehovah selected Saul. Why did Jehovah replace King Saul with David?


Solomon Rules Wisely

What are some examples of Solomon’s wisdom? What resulted when he strayed from Jehovah’s ways?


Inspired Songs That Comfort and Teach

Which psalms show how God helps and comforts those who love him? What did the king reveal in the Song of Solomon?


Divine Wisdom for Life

Consider how the inspired counsel in the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes can provide practical guidance and a basis for trusting in God.


Good Kings and Bad Kings

How did Israel come to be divided into two kingdoms?


God Speaks Through His Prophets

What kind of messages did God’s prophets deliver? Consider four themes they developed.


A Prophet in Exile Receives Glimpses of the Future

What did Daniel learn about the Messiah and God’s Kingdom?


The Messiah Arrives

How did Jehovah use angels and John the Baptist to point to Jesus as the Messiah? How did Jehovah clearly identify his Son as the Messiah?


Jesus Teaches About God’s Kingdom

What was the theme of Jesus’ preaching? How did he demonstrate that his rule would be based on love and justice?


Jesus Performs Miracles

What do Jesus’ miracles demonstrate about his power and his future rule over the earth?


Jesus Gives a Far-Reaching Prophecy

What is the meaning of the sign that Jesus gave his apostles?


Jesus Christ Is Put to Death

What new observance did Jesus institute before he was betrayed and nailed to the stake?


Jesus Is Alive!

How did Jesus’ disciples find out that God had resurrected him?


The Apostles Preach Fearlessly

What happened during the Festival of Pentecost? How did enemies react to the preaching by Jesus’ disciples?


The Good News Spreads

What happened after Paul healed a man in Lystra? How did Paul end up in Rome?


Paul Writes to the Congregations

What direction did Paul provide on proper congregation organization? What did he say about the promised seed?


Counsel on Faith, Conduct, and Love

How can a Christian manifest faith? How does a person demonstrate that he truly loves God?


Paradise Regained!

How does the book of Revelation complete the Bible’s message?

The Bible’s Message​—An Overview

How did Jehovah progressively reveal that Jesus would be the Messiah, the one who would restore paradise to the earth?

Time Line of the Bible

See a time line of Bible history, from 4026 B.C.E. through circa 100 C.E.