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The Bible’s Message​—An Overview

The Bible’s Message​—An Overview
  1. Jehovah creates Adam and Eve with the prospect of eternal life in Paradise. Satan slanders God’s name and questions His right to rule. Adam and Eve join Satan in rebellion, bringing sin and death upon themselves and their offspring

  2. Jehovah sentences the rebels and promises that a Deliverer, or Seed, will arise who will crush Satan, undoing all the results of rebellion and sin

  3. Jehovah promises Abraham and David that they will be forefathers of the Seed, or Messiah, who will rule as King forever

  4. Jehovah inspires prophets to foretell that the Messiah will provide a cure for sin and death. With corulers, he will reign as King of God’s Kingdom, which will end wars, sickness, even death

  5. Jehovah sends his Son to the earth and identifies Jesus as the Messiah. Jesus preaches about God’s Kingdom and offers up his life as a sacrifice. Jehovah then resurrects him as a spirit

  6. Jehovah enthrones his Son as King in heaven, signaling the beginning of the last days of this system of things. Jesus guides his earthly followers as they preach God’s Kingdom earth wide

  7. Jehovah directs his Son to bring Kingdom rule to the earth. The Kingdom crushes all wicked governments, establishes Paradise, and brings faithful humans to perfection. Jehovah’s right to rule is vindicated, and his name is sanctified forever