Jonah 2:1-10

2  And Jonah prayed to his God Jehovah from the fish’s stomach, 2  and said “I called out of my distress to Jehovah, and he answered me;out of the heart of the realm of death I shouted; you heard my voice. 3  And you threw me in the ooze in ocean’s abyss, a river enclosing me;all your surges and waves passed over me; 4  And I thought ‘I am banished from before your eyes,how am I anymore to look to your holy temple?’ 5 * Water enveloped me choking off my life,the deep enclosed me,weeds were wrapped round my head. 6 * To the sockets of mountains I went down,the earth had its bars over me forever;And you brought up my life from dissolution,Jehovah, my God. 7  When my soul failed me I remembered Jehovah,and my prayer went in to him in his holy temple. 8 * Those who attend to futile superstitions are leaving their help, 9  but I with voice of thanksgiving will sacrifice to you,what I have vowed I will pay as salvation-offering to Jehovah.” 10  And Jehovah told the fish what to do, and it vomited Jonah out to the land.


2:5 Lit. enveloped me to the soul
2:6 (sockets) Unc.
2:8 Lit. their friendship