Daniel 12:1-13

12 * And at that time Micael will stand, the great prince who stands on behalf of the sons of your people; and there will come the time of a distress that there had not been since a nation existed up to that time; but at that time your people will come off safe, everyone that is written down in the Book. 2  And many of the sleepers in earthy ground will wake, these to life forever and those to ignominies, to be objects of repugnance forever; 3  and the enlighteners will have a brightness like the resplendence of the firmament, and those who make the many righteous like the stars forevermore. 4 ** But as for you, Daniel, keep the things under a stopper and seal the book till an ultimate date; many will go ranging about, and disasters will abound.” 5  And I, Daniel, saw that there were two others standing one on this bank of the river and one on that bank; 6  and one said to the man dressed in linen who was over the water of the river “How long till the end of the mysteries?” 7  And I heard the man dressed in linen who was over the water of the river, lifting his right hand and his left hand toward the sky, swear by him who lives forever that in a time, times, and a half, and when the smashing of the arms of a holy people is finished, finished will these things be. 8  And I myself heard, but did not understand, and said “My lord, what will be the latter part of these things?” 9  And he said “Go, Daniel, for the words are stoppered and sealed till an ultimate date. 10  Many will be sifted and scrubbed and smelted, and wrong-doers will do wrong, and no wrong-doers will understand, but the judicious will understand. 11 * And from the date of the displacing of the regular sacrifice to the putting in of an appalling disgustment is twelve hundred and ninety days. 12  Happy he who waits and comes up to thirteen hundred and thirty-five days. 13 * But as for you, go rest; for there is some time yet, and destined periods are to be filled out at the end, and you are to rest, and stand on your feet at the end of the time.”


12:1 Lit. there will be the time of or it will be the time of
12:4 (things) Or words
12:4 (disasters) Or evils Var. knowledge
12:11 See note to chapter 9 verse 27
12:13 Var. as for you, go for the end; and you are to