Daniel 11:1-45

11  and for my own part it was in the year one of Darius the Mede that I took my stand to reinforce and strengthen him. 2 * And now I will tell you the truth:“Persia has three kings yet to stand; and the fourth will amass greater wealth than all; and when he is strong in wealth, everything will stir up the kingdom of Greece. 3  And there will stand a formidable king, and he will rule a great dominion and do as he pleases. 4  But as he stands his empire will break and divide toward the four winds of the sky, but not for his posterity nor with the like of his sway that he held; for his empire will be uprooted and belong to others beside these. 5 * “And the king of the south will be strong, but one of his generals will be stronger against him and will rule a dominion greater than his. 6 ***** And at the end of years they will ally themselves, and the daughter of the king of the south will come to the king of the north to bring about an accord, but will not retain strength of arm and his two arms will not stand, and she will be betrayed and those who brought her in and he who gave birth to her and he who strengthens her at the times. 7 * But part of the sprouting of her roots will replace him, and will come to the bulwark and come into the stronghold of the king of the north and will do his business in them and be strong. 8  And their gods too, with their statues, with their exquisite vessels in silver and in gold, he will bring captured to Egypt; and, he keeping away from the king of the north for some years, 9  he will invade the empire of the king of the south, but go back to his own land. 10 * “But his sons will start hostilities and get together a numerous body of troops, and he will go in sweeping everything before him and passing off; but he will come back, and hostilities will continue up to his stronghold. 11  But the king of the south will be infuriated and will come out and make war with him, the king of the north; and he will set on foot a great host, but the host will be given into his hands, 12  and the host will be carried off; and his heart will be uplifted, and he will cut down myriads, but will not be vigorous. 13 ** And the king of the north will go back and will set on foot a host greater than the first, and at the end of the times (years) he will come in with a great force and abundant supplies; 14  and in those times many will stand against the king of the south, and the sons of the revolutionists among your people will have high expectations of making good a vision, but will come to grief; 15 * and the king of the north will come in and throw up a ramp and capture a fortified city, and the partisans of the south will not stand their ground, and his choice troops, and there will be no strength to stand, 16 * and his invader will do as he pleases, no one standing before him, and will take his stand in the land of the crowning glory and have it wholly in his hands, 17 * and will set his face to come in with the might of his whole empire, but will come to an accord with him and give him the daughter of women with ruinous intent; but it will not stand and he will not get it. 18 * And he will turn his face back toward seacoasts, and conquer many; but a chieftain will stop his insolence for him, will give him back something else than his insolence, 19  and he will turn his face back to the strongholds of his own country and come to grief, and fall and not be found; 20 ** and there will replace him one who sends about a collecting agent as royal glory, but in a short time he will be broken, and not in anger nor in war. 21  “And there will replace him a despised man to whom they had not given royal honor, but he will come in while people are off their guard and grasp kingship by slippery methods; 22  and partisans will be swept down before him and broken, and a covenanted warden too; 23 ** and upon one’s allying himself with him he will commit fraud; and he will come up and rise to domination with a small faction 24 * while people are off their guard. And he will come into the fattest parts of a province and do what his fathers and his fathers’ fathers had not done, scatter plunder and booty and chattels to them; and he will lay plans against fortifications—and this up to a time. 25  “And he will rouse his strength and his will against the king of the south with great forces; and the king of the south will take the field for war with great and very powerful forces, but will not stand because they plot against him 26  and those who eat his viands break him; and his forces will be swept away, and many killed will fall. 27 * And the kings will both have evil intentions, and they will speak lies over one table; but it will not be successful, because there is yet to be an end at the destined time. 28  And he will go back to his own country with a great stock of goods; and his mind will be against a sacred covenant, and he will do things and go back to his own country. 29  At the destined time he will come back and invade the south; but it will not be the same the latter time as the first time, 30  and western ships will come against him and he will be cowed.“And he will come back and be hostile to a sacred covenant and take action, and he will go back and take notice of those who are abandoning a sacred covenant; 31 * and partisans of his will stand, and will desecrate the sanctuary, the stronghold, and displace the regular sacrifice and put in the appalling disgustment. 32  And those who bring wickedness into a covenant will foment irreligion by slippery methods; but a people that know their God will be vigorous and take action. 33  And the enlighteners of a people will bring most to sound views; but they will come to grief in sword and flame, in enslavement and plundering, for a while. 34  And when they are coming to grief they will be helped a little, and many will join them with slippery intents; 35  and some of the enlighteners will come to grief to smelt and sift and scrub among them up to an ultimate time, because it is yet for the destined hour. 36  “And the king will do as he pleases and play the great and lofty lord against every deity, and speak monstrous words against the God of Gods, and flourish till hostility is finished because a crisis has been brought about. 37  And to the gods of his fathers he will pay no attention, and to the Desire of Women, or any god, he will pay no attention, because he plays the part of great one against all. 38  But he will honor a god of strongholds in place, and a god whom his fathers had never known he will honor with gold and silver and precious stones and works of fine art. 39 **** And for best-fortified strongholds he will take the people of a foreign god that he has recognized; he will pay great honor, and set them to rule over the majority, and give portions of land as payment. 40  “And at an ultimate time the king of the south will clash with him, and the king of the north will come storming against him with chariotry and cavalry and a great navy, and will invade countries and sweep everything before him and pass on. 41 ** And he will come into the land of the crowning glory, and myriads will come to grief; but these will come through safe from his hands, Edom and Moab and the chief part of the Bene-ʽAmmon. 42  And he will put out his hand against countries, and Egypt will not escape, 43  but he will get control of the accumulations of gold and silver and all the fine things of Egypt, and have the Libyans and the Nubians at his heels. 44  But news from the east and the north will startle him, and he will go out in a great passion to massacre and exterminate many, 45 * and will pitch his palace-tents between the sea and the mountain of sacred glory, and come to his end with nobody to help him.


11:2 (everything will stir up) Unc.
11:5 Codd. will rule; his domain will be a great domain
11:6 (last half) Unc., susp.
11:6 Codd.* (in ungrammatical form) and he and his two arms will not stand Var. and his issue will not stand
11:6 Lit. she will be given and those who
11:6 (he who gave birth to her) Ungrammatical in the Hebrew; var. her children Conj. her child
11:6-7 Conj. strengthens her. At the times part of
11:7 (bulwark) Conj.* troops
11:10-12 Unc.
11:13 Or the king of the north will again set on foot
11:13 Var. without the word years
11:15, 22, 31 (partisans) Lit. arms (in the meaning of hands, not weapons)
11:16 Var.* glory with a finish in his hands
11:17 (with ruinous intent) Codd. to ruin her (or it)
11:18 (last part) Unc., susp.
11:20 (as royal glory) Susp.
11:20 (in anger) Unc.
11:23 Or rise to domination in
11:23 Lit. a small nation
11:24 Lit. and up to a time
11:27 Or because the schedule is yet to come to an end
11:31 (last words) See note to chapter 9 verse 27
11:39 Unc.
11:39 Codd. he will work in best-fortified strongholds with a foreign god
11:39 Lit. make the people of
11:39 Or god; those whom he recognizes he will make great in honor and will set
11:41 Var. and many countries will
11:41 Lit. the first part of Var. the remnant of
11:45 Lit. between the seas and