Amos 9:1-15

9  I saw Jehovah* stationed above the altar,+ and he proceeded to say: “Strike the pillar head, so that the thresholds will rock. And cut them off at the head, all of them.+ And the last part of them I shall kill with the sword itself. No one fleeing of them will make good his flight, and no one escaping of them will make his getaway.+  If they dig down into Sheʹol,* from there my own hand will take them;+ and if they go up to the heavens, from there I shall bring them down.+  And if they hide themselves on the top of Carʹmel, from there I shall carefully search and be certain to take them.+ And if they conceal themselves from in front of my eyes on the floor of the sea,+ down there I shall command the serpent, and it must bite them.  And if they go into captivity before their enemies, from there I shall command the sword, and it must kill them;+ and I will set my eyes upon them for bad, and not for good.+  And the Sovereign Lord, Jehovah of the armies,* is the One touching the land,* so that it melts;+ and all the inhabitants in it will have to mourn;+ and it will certainly come up like the Nile, all of it, and sink down like the Nile of Egypt.+  “‘He who is building in the heavens his stairs,+ and his structure over the earth that he founded;+ he who is calling for the waters of the sea,+ that he may pour them out upon the surface of the earth+—Jehovah is his name.’+  “‘Are YOU not like the sons of the Cushʹites* to me, O sons of Israel?’ is the utterance of Jehovah. ‘Did I not bring Israel itself up out of the land of Egypt,+ and the Phi·lisʹtines+ out of Crete,* and Syria* out of Kir?’*+  “‘Look! The eyes of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah are upon the sinful kingdom,+ and he will certainly annihilate it from upon the surface of the ground.+ Nevertheless, I shall not completely annihilate the house of Jacob,’+ is the utterance of Jehovah.  ‘For, look! I am commanding, and I will jiggle the house of Israel among all the nations,+ just as one jiggles the sieve, so that not a pebble falls to the earth. 10  By the sword they will die—all the sinners of my people,+ those who are saying: “The calamity will not come near or reach as far as us.”’+ 11  “‘In that day I shall raise up+ the booth*+ of David that is fallen,+ and I shall certainly repair their breaches. And its ruins I shall raise up, and I shall certainly build it up as in the days of long ago,+ 12  to the end that they may take possession of what is left remaining of Eʹdom,+ and all the nations* upon whom my name has been called,’+ is the utterance of Jehovah, who is doing this.* 13  “‘Look! There are days coming,’ is the utterance of Jehovah, ‘and the plowman will actually overtake* the harvester,+ and the treader of grapes, the carrier* of the seed;+ and the mountains must drip with sweet wine,+ and the very hills will all find themselves melting.+ 14  And I will gather back the captive ones of my people Israel,+ and they will actually build [the] desolated cities and inhabit [them],+ and plant vineyards and drink the wine of them, and make gardens and eat the fruit of them.’+ 15  “‘And I shall certainly plant them upon their ground, and they will no more be uprooted from their ground that I have given them,’+ Jehovah your God* has said.”


One of 134 scribal changes from YHWH to ʼAdho·naiʹ. See App 1B.
“Into Sheol.” Heb., vish·ʼohlʹ; Gr., haiʹdou; Lat., in·ferʹnum. See App 4B.
Lit., “on the earth.” Heb., ba·ʼaʹrets.
“Of the armies,” MTVg; LXX, “God the Almighty”; Sy, “the Mighty One.”
“Kir,” MSy; TVg, “Cyrene.”
Lit., “Aram,” MTSy; LXXVg, “the Syrians.”
“Out of Crete.” Heb., mik·Kaph·tohrʹ; TLXXSyVg, “Cappadocia.” See De 2:23.
“The Cushites,” MSy; LXXVg, “the Ethiopians.”
“The booth of.” Heb., suk·kathʹ; Gr., ske·nenʹ (“tent”; “booth,” in Ac 15:16); Lat., ta·ber·naʹcu·lum.
According to MSyVg; LXX, “says Jehovah God, who is doing these things.”
According to MTSyVg; LXX, “that the rest of the men may seek out, and all the nations.”
Or, “approach.”
Or, “drawer out,” that is, from the seed bag.
“Your God,” MTSyVg; LXX, “God the Almighty.”