Jehovah’s Witnesses, motivated by love for God and love of neighbor, enjoy sharing the Bible’s message with all people, including those who have previously said “I’m not interested.” (Matthew 22:37-​39) Love for God moves us to obey his Son’s command “to give a thorough witness.” (Acts 10:42; 1 John 5:3) To do this, we bring God’s message more than once, just as God’s ancient prophets did. (Jeremiah 25:4) Because we love our neighbors, we try to share the lifesaving “good news of the Kingdom” with all, including those who at first were not interested in it.​—Matthew 24:14.

We often find interest when we return to homes where we found no interest before. Consider three reasons:

  • People move.

  • Others in the home show interest in our message.

  • People change. World events or personal circumstances cause some to become more “conscious of their spiritual need” and to take an interest in the Bible’s message. (Matthew 5:3) Even those who are opposed can have a change of heart, as did the apostle Paul.​—1 Timothy 1:​13.

Nevertheless, we do not force our message on anyone. (1 Peter 3:​15) We believe that each person must make his own decision in the matter of worship.​—Deuteronomy 30:19, 20.