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Videos That Make Hearts Feel Happy

“It was as though Jehovah were listening to the hearts of parents.” That is how a father in Malaysia described the animated video series Become Jehovah’s Friend.

Since the first episodes were released, Jehovah’s Witnesses have produced a series of animated videos featuring Caleb and his family. The videos, now available on, teach children important moral and spiritual lessons, such as why they should not steal and how they can pray to God.

The first video of the series has already been translated into 131 languages, benefiting children all over the globe.

Enthusiastic Response

A mother of five wrote: “Since receiving the DVD Listen, Obey, and Be Blessed a week ago, we have watched it about 50 times.”

Millie, a 12-year-old in England, has a 15-year-old brother named Thomas, who has Down syndrome. Millie writes: “Thomas has the Caleb videos on his iPad, so he can show them to his friends at school. He loves the songs and sings them in such a lovely way that it even made a sister cry. It is amazing to see.”

Ava, who gives her age as 8 years, 9 months, and 25 days, writes: “Caleb and his sister are very good at teaching kids.”

Mikaylah writes: “I am six years old. Thank you for the DVD Listen, Obey, and Be Blessed. It teaches me to listen to my parents because that makes Jehovah happy.”

Meaningful Content

A young animator who is not one of Jehovah’s Witnesses watched the video Stealing Is Bad. He was deeply impressed, especially when he learned that only a small team of animators had produced it. He said: “I know people who work for both big animation studios and smaller ones, and at times I’ve wondered what it might be like to work at places like those. But at the end of the day, all their work and effort simply produce something that makes people laugh a little for a couple of hours, and that’s it. Your animations change children’s lives, teach them right from wrong, and help them to make good decisions. You’re doing something that has purpose, something that helps people.”

Parents around the world are quick to agree. One mother writes: “My three-year-old son, Quinn, was watching the video Gaining Jehovah’s Friendship. In the middle of the song, he looked up at me, touched his little hand to his chest, and said: ‘Mommy, watching this makes my heart feel happy.’”