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Our Publishing Work


Capturing Images That Enhance the Text

How do our photographers capture images that enhance our publications and complement the text?


Capturing Images That Enhance the Text

How do our photographers capture images that enhance our publications and complement the text?

Distributing Bible Literature in Congo

Jehovah’s Witnesses make epic journeys each month to deliver Bibles and Bible-based publications to people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Estonia Recognizes “a Great Achievement”

The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures in Estonian was nominated for the Language Deed of the Year Award in Estonia for 2014.

A Free Audio Bible Featuring Hundreds of Readers

The audio recordings of the 2013 revision of the New World Translation will feature a different voice for each Bible character.

Photo Gallery—Children Love the Videos

See what children say about the popular Bible video series Become Jehovah’s Friend, featuring the animated characters Caleb and Sophia.

Sharing the Good News in Native Languages of Ireland and Britain

Jehovah’s Witnesses are making special efforts to contact people who read or speak Scottish Gaelic, Irish, and Welsh. What has been the response?

Videos in Hundreds of Languages

The video What Happens at a Kingdom Hall? is available in about 400 languages, and Why Study the Bible? in over 550 languages. Watch them in your own language.

Building a New Bible

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how the New World Translation was made. Why spend so much time, money, and effort to produce this beautiful new Bible?

Translation Work in Mexico and Central America

Why would Jehovah’s Witnesses in Mexico and Central America translate Bible publications into over 60 languages, including Maya, Nahuatl, and Low German?

Helping the Blind in Africa

Blind readers in Malawi express appreciation for Bible-based publications in Chichewa Braille.

A Bible That Is Made to Last

The 2013 revision of the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures is both attractive and made to last.

The Spanish-Language Translation Team Moves to Spain

Jehovah’s Witnesses have translated Bible-based publications into Spanish since 1909. Learn more about their Spanish translation work.

Videos That Make Hearts Feel Happy

Jehovah’s Witnesses have produced a series of animated videos that teach children important moral and spiritual lessons. What has been the response?

A Century of Music That Praises God

How have Jehovah’s Witnesses used music and songs in their worship?

Entrusted With Translating “the Sacred Pronouncements of God”—Romans 3:2

Jehovah’s Witnesses have used a number of Bible translations over the past century. Why did they translate the Bible into modern English?

A Portable Library

JW Library is a free mobile device app with many features for in-depth Bible study.

Global Printing—Helping People to Learn About God

Jehovah’s Witnesses operate 15 printing facilities worldwide, producing Bible-based literature in some 700 languages.

JW.ORG Is Now Read in Over 300 Languages!

How do Jehovah’s Witnesses make practical information from the Bible available in so many languages? How does this compare to other well-known websites?

An International Brochure That Teaches With Pictures

The Listen to God brochure has helped many people around the world come to know God and the Bible’s message. See what some have said about this colorful brochure.

They Come to Make Music

For over 40 years, musicians from around the world have cherished the opportunity to make music as part of a unique orchestra.

The Greenlandic Watchtower Praised on TV

In January 2013, the news media in Greenland announced that The Watchtower magazine had been published in Greenlandic for 40 years.

A Wonder on 400 Wheels

See how an in-line finishing system on a high-speed printing press was enhanced in order to trim, stack, count and pack Bible literature.

Helping Our Readers Picture the Scene

Many publications of Jehovah’s Witnesses contain colorful pictures that complement the text, but it wasn’t always that way.

Seeing God’s Word in My Language

See how deaf parents with hearing children benefit from having the Bible in American Sign Language.

Providing Bibles in Their Mother Tongue

The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures is distributed without charge to anyone who wants to read it.

Video Clip: “This Is the Way”

Listen to a song, based on verses from God’s Word, as it is sung in eight languages.

Genesis Now Available in American Sign Language

The ASL Bible book of Genesis is now available!

Japan Shares in the Worldwide Production of Hardcover Bibles

New equipment has been installed at the printing facility of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Japan. Learn more about this fully automated bindery line.

Video Clip: Meeting the Demand for Bibles

See how our printing facility in Japan is helping meet the worldwide demand for Bibles.

Video Clip: The Simplified Edition of The Watchtower—Helping Reach Children in Denmark

See how one family in Denmark uses the simplified edition of The Watchtower.

The Music of Many Languages

Learn the unique challenges when translating song lyrics into many languages.

Fewer Pages, More Languages

Beginning in January 2013, the Watchtower and Awake! magazines will contain fewer pages. Why?

Video Clip: The Watchtower—Published Since 1879

See how the most widely circulated magazine in the world has looked over the years.

Video Clip: “Without It, I Would Feel Lost”

Hear the experience of a blind man, who has benefitted from having the Bible in Braille.

Video Clip: “I Thank Jehovah For Helping Me”

Learn how the simplified English edition of The Watchtower helped a man draw closer to Jehovah God.

Video Clip: The Simplified Edition of The Watchtower—Helping to Teach Children

See how a family uses the simplified English edition of The Watchtower to help their children learn about God.

The Six-Foot Bible

Find out how Braille Bibles are being produced in many languages.

The Watchtower—No Other Magazine Comes Close

We publish and distribute the Watchtower magazine worldwide in over 190 languages. How do other publications compare?

Simplifying The Watchtower

We began producing a simplified English edition of The Watchtower in 2011. Find out how it is benefiting readers around the world.