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Philippines Photo Gallery 2 (June 2015 Through June 2016)

Philippines Photo Gallery 2 (June 2015 Through June 2016)

Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Philippines completed a major renovation of their branch facilities in Quezon City. In this photo gallery, see how the work progressed and how volunteers supported the effort between June 2015 and June 2016. A few months later, the renovated buildings were ready for use, and they were dedicated in February 2017.

Rendering of the completed Philippines branch. Buildings and structures that were built or renovated include:

  • Building 4 (Residence)

  • Building 5 (Audio/Video, Service Department)

  • Building 6 (Landscaping, Vehicle Repair, Welding)

  • Building 7 (Computer, Local Design/Construction, Maintenance, Shipping, Translation)

June 15, 2015​—Quezon City site

The concrete team prepare formwork for a walkway connecting Buildings 1, 5, and 7.

June 15, 2015​—Building 5

Before embarking on a project, carpenters consult drawings prepared by the Regional Design/Construction Department–Asia/Pacific. In March 2016, the department moved from Australia to the Philippines branch office.

June 23, 2015​—Quezon City site

An excavator demolishes a concrete driveway to prepare for trench work. New chilled-water pipes will be laid in the trenches for a centralized air-conditioning system.

July 20, 2015​—Quezon City site

A husband-and-wife team from the United States prepare to weld handrails for a walkway.

July 20, 2015​—Quezon City site

Workers bury chilled-water pipes between Buildings 4 and 5.

September 18, 2015​—Building 5

A carpenter uses a gun tacker to install a windowsill.

September 18, 2015​—Building 5

A carpet installer lays carpet tiles. The entire second floor of Building 5, used primarily by the Audio/Video Department, is carpeted to reduce noise.

October 22, 2015​—Building 5

Painters apply heat-reflective paint to the exterior of an office building. This paint reflects solar radiation, thus maintaining cooler temperatures inside the building and reducing energy costs.

February 10, 2016​—Building 4

A concrete worker removes formwork used to build a fence. Building 4, two stories tall, accommodates students of various Bible-educational schools.

February 10, 2016​—Building 4

A member of the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning team insulates chilled-water pipes. The insulation improves the efficiency of the chilled-water system and reduces condensation.

February 16, 2016​—Building 4

A technician from Australia tests one of the circuit breakers in an electrical switch cabinet. Over 100 skilled workers from outside the Philippines were invited to help with the renovation project.