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Philippines Photo Gallery 1 (February 2014 Through May 2015)

Philippines Photo Gallery 1 (February 2014 Through May 2015)

Jehovah’s Witnesses are constructing new buildings and renovating existing facilities at the Philippines branch office in Quezon City. Since literature for the Philippines is now printed at the Japan branch, the former printery building has been transformed into a new home for the Computer, Local Design/Construction (LDC), Maintenance, Shipping, and Translation departments. This photo gallery depicts some of the work performed on the former printery and other buildings between February 2014 and May 2015. The project is scheduled to be completed by October 2016.

Rendering of the completed Philippines branch. Buildings and structures that are being built or renovated include:

  • Building 4 (Residence)

  • Building 5 (Audio/Video, Service Department)

  • Building 6 (Landscaping, Vehicle Repair, Welding)

  • Building 7 (Computer, LDC, Maintenance, Shipping, Translation)

February 28, 2014—Building 7

Temporary workers bag new fiberglass insulation to protect it from moisture. They are wearing protective equipment to prevent skin irritation.

April 2, 2014—Building 7

Workers finish the ceiling of the recording studio for Filipino Sign Language. The square holes in the ceiling will house HVAC diffusers, which allow conditioned air to be evenly distributed throughout the studio.

October 21, 2014—Quezon City site

Excavating for a centralized chilled water system. The new system will service all buildings at the branch complex.

December 19, 2014—Overhead walkway connecting Buildings 1, 5, and 7

The new overhead enclosed walkway will connect all major buildings, including Building 1, where the dining room is located. The walkway will be especially useful to the more than 300 personnel working in Building 7.

January 15, 2015—Building 5

A 50-ton crane lifting sheets of roofing. Cranes of various sizes are operated by local contractors.

January 15, 2015—Building 5A (Circulation pod)

The two-level, 125-square-meter (1,345 sq ft) pod has two restrooms, a stairwell, and an elevator. Having restrooms and stairs within the pod frees up additional space within the adjacent Building 5. Installing the elevator in the pod, rather than in Building 5, ensures that elevator noise will not disturb audio or video recordings.

January 15, 2015—Building 5A (Circulation pod)

Under shelter from the heat of the sun, workers install rebar. Daytime high temperatures average about 29 degrees Celsius (84°F) in January and about 34 degrees Celsius (93°F) in April.

March 5, 2015—Building 5

A crew reinforces roof trusses with lumber. For Building 5, about 800 pieces of hardwood were used.

March 17, 2015—Building 5

Mixing concrete by hand for a small project. Among those assisting on the construction project are over 100 workers from Australia, Canada, France, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain, the United States, and other countries.

March 25, 2015—Building 5

Installing steel roofing on Building 5, which formerly housed the Translation Department. The building is being renovated for use by the Audio/Video and Service departments.

May 13, 2015—Building 5

Using a chop saw, a metalworker cuts studs that will be used to frame the office walls.