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Britain Photo Gallery 6 (March Through August 2018)

Britain Photo Gallery 6 (March Through August 2018)

In this photo gallery, you will see how construction progressed on the new branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Britain between March and August 2018.

  1. North Production Building

  2. South Production Building

  3. Office Building

  4. Residence A

  5. Residence B

  6. Residence C

  7. Residence D

  8. Residence E

  9. Residence F

March 8, 2018—Branch site

A member of the environmental team tests the pH level of water from the attenuation pond next to the main entrance. These tests help to ensure that measures taken to control pollutants are working.

March 13, 2018—Residence B

A trainee learns how to install weather-protection boards. Along with insulation and the brick facade, these boards form the external residence walls.

April 5, 2018—South Production Building

A road roller compacts the base of a road, preparing it for asphalt. This section of road beside the South Production Building completes a loop encircling the entire site.

May 1, 2018—Office Building

Aerial view from the northwest. The tower crane in the foreground stands in the reception area of the office complex. To its right is the floor slab of the Office Building, and to its left are the foundations for the kitchen, the dining room, and the auditorium. The viewing deck at the top right has been relocated to give visitors a panoramic view of the construction.

May 9, 2018—Office Building

Steel roof trusses are maneuvered into position, forming the framework of the kitchen, dining room, and auditorium section of the office complex.

May 14, 2018—Office Building

An environmental team member monitors excavations near a protected tree. Landscapers prevented damage by installing a physical barrier around the tree’s roots. Other trees have their roots preserved by a fenced-off area in which construction activity is not permitted.

May 24, 2018—Residence E

A landscaper lays turf along the edge of a footpath. The stakes keep the turf in position while the roots grow.

June 19, 2018—Residence D

A painter applies an identification number to decorative wood paneling on the third floor. The following month, construction workers began moving into Residence D.

June 20, 2018—Office Building

Contractors lower a precast concrete stair panel into place.

June 26, 2018—Office Building

Members of a drywall crew on scissor lifts attach corridor-wall framing to the ceiling. To the right is a duct jack, used by the mechanical team to elevate part of the HVAC system during installation.

July 10, 2018—Office Building

Members of the mechanical team install pipe clips beneath the reception area of the office complex.

July 10, 2018—Production Buildings

Workers install channel drainage between the North Production Building and the South Production Building.

July 17, 2018—Office Building

Contractors position the final section of the roof parapet outside the dining room. The colonnade below leads to Residence A.

July 19, 2018—South Production Building

Steel rafters are fixed into position. This building will house workshops and offices.

August 2, 2018—Branch site

Aerial view from the northwest. To the center right, the steel framework of the South Production Building is complete and the wall facade installation is in progress. In the foreground, work on the North Production Building is under way, and the asphalt base course in front of the building has been laid. To the center left is the office complex, and beyond are the residences.

August 3, 2018—Residences

Aerial view from the east at sunrise. In the foreground, Residences D, E, and F are complete. Residence C is scheduled for completion in October.

August 7, 2018—Office Building

Using limestone boulders, workers build a wall around a pond. This area will provide an attractive entrance to the office complex, seen in the background through the trees.

August 7, 2018—Office Building

Carpenters fit HVAC and lighting units to an office ceiling. This office has been set up to help various trades coordinate the sequence of their work.

August 21, 2018—Office Building

Concrete panels are fixed to the Office Building. The use of precast panels accelerated construction, so that by the end of August, the Office Building was completely enclosed. The large windows allow as much natural light as possible into the offices. The windows are inset deeply to minimize both glare from the low winter sun and heat gain from the summer sun.

August 24, 2018—Office Building

Workers prepare to encase roof trusses above the dining room and auditorium area. These walls will minimize noise when the two areas are being used at the same time.