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Britain Photo Gallery 5 (September 2017 Through February 2018)

Britain Photo Gallery 5 (September 2017 Through February 2018)

In this photo gallery, you will see how construction progressed on the new branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Britain between September 2017 and February 2018.

Rendering of the completed Britain branch in Chelmsford.

  1. North Production Building

  2. South Production Building

  3. Office Building

  4. Residence A

  5. Residence B

  6. Residence C

  7. Residence D

  8. Residence E

  9. Residence F

September 6, 2017​—Residence C

Members of the exteriors team use a mortar-joint raker and a brick jointer to point brick slips. These thin slices of brick are glued to a metal framework to conceal steel wall supports.

September 20, 2017​—Residence D

A member of the architectural team sets the location of exterior apartment walls, using a tripod-mounted laser level and surveying staff. Meanwhile, in Residence F, seen in the background, interior carpentry is well under way.

September 27, 2017​—Residence F

A plasterer sprays a fine mist of water onto a plastered wall and polishes the finish with a trowel. To conserve water, the Finishes Department collects water from a dehumidifier and uses it to mix plaster and grout for tiling.

October 3, 2017​—Branch site

Outside Residence E, contractors pave layers of asphalt for a road in an interconnecting network of access roads.

October 10, 2017​—Residence F

A 71-year-old bricklayer builds the exterior wall of Residence F. Since this construction project began, more than 100 Witnesses over the age of 70 have contributed their valuable skills and experience.

November 16, 2017​—Residences

Aerial view from the west. All residence buildings will feature biodiverse roofs. Once the roofs are insulated and waterproofed and a drainage layer is prepared, seeds of native plant species are sown. Biodiverse roofs benefit wildlife, reduce energy costs, and help control rainwater runoff. In the foreground is the base of the foundation for Residence A and the foundation for part of the office complex.

November 21, 2017​—Residence F

Carpenters install a prefinished metal doorframe at the entrance of an apartment. Once delivered to the site, prefinished frames and doors need neither painting nor hinge- and lock-fitting, making them easy and quick to install.

November 28, 2017​—Office Building

As dusk falls, contractors install piled foundations for the office complex. In the center of the photo, contractors insert steel rebar into holes that are approximately 20 meters (65 ft) deep and have just been filled with concrete. Residence B can be seen in the background.

December 5, 2017​—Residence E

One of the workers hangs insulated support brackets for heating pipes on the ceiling of the parking level. The ceiling is insulated with soffit boards to protect the residential floors above from cold temperatures.

December 8, 2017​—Residence F

A member of the finishes team sands plastered walls to prepare them for vinyl wallcovering. Tiny holes in the sanding disc allow virtually all dust to be extracted through a vacuum hose.

December 21, 2017​—Branch site

Two members of the siteworks team prepare the surface of an access road leading to a utility station. Using an industrial gas torch, they burn off the lightweight form around which concrete has been poured and create cavities in which grass will grow. The resulting surface reduces rainwater runoff.

December 26, 2017​—Residence F

Painters use an airless paint sprayer to apply the final coat in an apartment kitchen.

December 28, 2017​—Residence F

Scaffold teams dismantle sections of scaffold, preparing for balcony installation. The red pipes in the center of the photo supply heated air during the winter to help dry out cement floors, plastered walls, and painted surfaces.

January 16, 2018​—Residence F

Using a spatula, a member of the finishes team smooths out air pockets in the vinyl wallcovering. This washable surface is both practical and durable in high-traffic areas. In the immediate background, other members of the team paint the wall and splice the wallcovering.

January 27, 2018​—Residence E

Workers attend a crew meeting prior to starting their assigned tasks for the day. The crew leader makes safety a priority and identifies all potential hazards. Individual workers from various departments volunteered to work overtime to clean the Residence F apartments and surrounding areas before the first occupants arrived.

February 1, 2018​—Residence F

Using a boom lift, contractors finish installing balconies on Residence F. The color scheme of the balconies is designed to help identify the buildings and to reflect the beautiful leaves in the surrounding landscape during autumn. In the background, weatherproof sheeting is removed from Residence E before the scaffolding is dismantled.

February 3, 2018​—Residences

Outside working hours, a married couple move their personal belongings into a Residence-F apartment finished just the previous day. By temporarily housing construction workers in new apartment blocks, rental and travel costs are reduced and workers are more productive.

February 12, 2018​—Residence A

Contractors pump concrete onto the parking-level slab during the evening hours. Residence B is seen in the background.

February 15, 2018​—Residence E

A husband-and-wife carpentry team cut a quartz kitchen countertop, using a plunge-cut circular saw with a dust-extraction system. Cutting the countertops in the kitchens where they will be fitted reduces the risk of snapping them during transit.