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How to Deal With Anxiety

Millions face disasters and crises, yet some do so with much less anxiety than others do. How?

Anxieties Are Everywhere!

Studies show that even mild anxiety increases the risk of premature death. How can you cope?

Anxiety About Money

One man provided for his family even when prices for basic needs rose over a billion-fold.

Anxiety About Family

One woman’s story of betrayal, divorce, and survival shows what having faith really means.

Anxiety About Danger

How can you deal with war, crime, pollution, climate change, and epidemics?

My Life Was Going From Bad to Worse

Stephen McDowell was a violent young man, but a murder that he did not commit made him resolve to change his life.

Can We Really Please God?

The answer can be found in the lives of Job, Lot, and David, all of whom made serious mistakes.

Did You Know?

How were hand mills used in ancient times? To what does the expression “bosom position” refer?

Bible Questions Answered

Will there ever be a time when evil is gone?

More Online Features

Will God Help Me if I Pray?

Does God really care about our problems?