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Will God Help Me if I Pray?

The Bible’s answer

Yes, God helps those who sincerely ask for things that are in harmony with his will. Even if you haven’t prayed before, the Bible’s examples of those who prayed, “God, help me,” can encourage you. For example:

  • O Jehovah my God, help me; save me according to Your mercy.”—Psalm 109:26, A Literal Translation of the Bible.

  • I am needy and poor: O God, help me.”—Psalm 69:6, Douay Version.

Of course, the writer of those words had strong faith in God. Yet, God listens to all who come to him with the right attitude, such as those who are “broken at heart” or “crushed in spirit.”—Psalm 34:18.

You need not fear that God is so distant that he is not concerned with your problems. The Bible says: “Jehovah is high, and yet the humble one he sees; but the lofty one he knows only from a distance.” (Psalm 138:6) In fact, Jesus once told his disciples: “The very hairs of your head are all numbered.” (Matthew 10:30) God observes details about you that even you are not aware of. How much more, then, will he listen if you pray for his help with your anxieties!—1 Peter 5:7.


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