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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Is God Interested in You?

If God does care, how does he show it?

Does God Pay Attention to You?

Is Almighty God really interested in you?

God Watches Over You

Why is He called “a God of sight”?

God Understands You

When God searches your heart, he sees something more than just your flaws.

God Can Comfort You

What if your concerns seem insignificant in the face of a world of billions of people, many of whom have serious problems?

God Reaches Out to You

What if you believe in God but do not feel close to him?

I Was Fighting My Own War Against Injustice and Violence

Antoine Touma was skilled at Kung Fu, but the scripture at 1 Timothy 4:8 changed his life.

“Please Listen to This Dream”

Joseph’s complicated family background provides a valuable lesson for those in stepfamilies today.

Who Made God?

Does believing that God has always existed violate common sense?

Bible Questions Answered

Is it possible that some religions do not come from the true God?

More Online Features

Is God an Impersonal Force?

The Bible says God created all things, but does he care about us?