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God Watches Over You

God Watches Over You

“God’s eyes are upon the ways of a man, and He sees all his steps.”​—JOB 34:21.

The younger the child, the more he needs his parent’s attention

WHY SOME HAVE DOUBTS: According to a recent study, our galaxy alone may contain at least 100 billion planets. Given the immense scale of the universe, many people ask, ‘Why should the almighty Creator watch what lowly humans do on a tiny planet?’

WHAT GOD’S WORD TEACHES: God did not simply give us the Bible and then lose interest in us. Rather, Jehovah assures us: “I will give you advice with my eye upon you.”​—Psalm 32:8.

Consider Hagar, an Egyptian woman of the 20th century B.C.E. Hagar was disrespectful to her employer, Sarai, so Sarai humiliated her, and Hagar ran away to the wilderness. Now that Hagar had made a mistake, did God lose interest in her? The Bible reports: “Jehovah’s angel found her.” That angel reassured Hagar, stating: “Jehovah has heard your affliction.” Hagar then said to Jehovah: “You are a God of sight.”​—Genesis 16:4-13.

The “God of sight” watches you too. To illustrate: A loving mother is especially watchful of her little children, since the younger the child, the more he needs his parent’s attention. Similarly, God especially watches over us when we are lowly and vulnerable. “I reside in the high and holy place,” Jehovah says, “but also with those crushed and lowly in spirit, to revive the spirit of the lowly and to revive the heart of those being crushed.”​—Isaiah 57:15.

Nevertheless, you may wonder: ‘How does God watch me? Does he judge me by my appearance, or does he look beneath the surface and really understand who I am?’