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The War That Changed the World

Why did the first world war turn the world upside down? Do the answers reveal anything about our future?

The War That Changed the World

How did the first world war, also called the “Great War,” change the world in ways that still affect us today?

The True Culprit Behind War and Suffering

How does the Bible connect a war in heaven to world war and trouble on earth?

The Promise of a Paradise Earth Changed My Life!

Ivars Vigulis built his life around the fame, glory, and thrill of motorcycle racing. How did Bible truths have an impact on his life?

Did You Know?

What were the aloes used in Bible times? What offerings were acceptable at the temple in Jerusalem?

Why Does God Allow the Strong to Oppress the Weak?

The Bible explains what God is doing about oppression now and what he will do in the future.

He Endured in the Face of Injustice

Have you been a victim of injustice? Do you long to see God set matters right? Consider how you can imitate faithful Elijah.

Bible Questions Answered

Is there proof that the Bible is from God? How was it written?

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World Peace—Why So Elusive?

Human efforts to bring world peace have failed. Consider several reasons.