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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Does Death End It All?

Death is an uncomfortable subject for many. Deep down, most people hope they never have to face death. Can death be conquered?

The Sting of Death

We are all forced to confront death sooner or later. Its painful sting has caused many people to search for answers.

Mankind’s Fight Against Mortality

Throughout history, mankind has searched for ways to conquer death. Is victory over death possible?

Death Does Not End It All!

Why did Jesus compare death to sleep? What can we learn from resurrections recorded in the Bible?

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

The first book of the Bible explains why God lets bad things happen when he has the power to stop them.

Did You Know?

In Jesus’ day, how were temple contributions made? Was the Bible writer Luke an accurate historian?

“Jehovah Had Not Forgotten Me”

This deeply religious woman finally found Scriptural answers to her questions about why we die and what happens after death. Learn how the truth changed her life.

Hope for the Dead—The Resurrection

Jesus’ apostles had a firm belief in the resurrection of the dead. Why?

Bible Questions Answered

What do you know about God? How can we learn to know him better?

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What Is the Will of God for My Life?

Do you need a special sign or calling to know God’s will? Find out the Bible’s answer.