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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Do We Need God?

Many people feel that they do not need God or are too busy to worry about him. Is there any benefit to really knowing God?

Why the Question?

Consider some of the reasons why many who claim to believe in God make decisions as though he did not exist.

Why We Need God

Find out how a relationship with God can lead to a happy and meaningful life.

Making Service to Jehovah My Career

Just months away from becoming an architectural engineer, Bill Walden decided to pursue an entirely different career. Read how choosing to serve God full-time changed his life.

“Look! I Am Making All Things New”

Do you want to live in a world where pain, suffering, and death will be things of the past? Find out how God will fulfill his promise.

‘Out of the Mountains You Will Mine Copper’

Recent archaeological finds shed light on the use of copper in in Bible times.

Jesus Christ—How Should We Remember Him?

Should we remember Jesus only as a baby? Who were the “wise men” that came to see him? What is Jesus doing now?

Bible Questions Answered

What is the purpose of Christ’s return? In what manner will he return, and what will he then do?

More Online Features

Why Use the Name Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Consider where the name came from.