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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Should You Trust Religion?

Many people find it hard to trust religion because of past disappointments. Learn more about a religion that is worthy of your confidence.

Why Question Religion?

If you belong to a religious organization, you are, in effect, putting your spiritual life and your salvation in its hands.

Can You Trust Religion Regarding Money?

Do the religions in your area employ direct or subtle pressure to obtain money? Is that in harmony with the Bible?

Can You Trust Religion Regarding War?

Jesus taught his followers to love their neighbor. Are religions today following that commandment?

Can You Trust Religion Regarding Morals?

Many religious leaders have not set a good example regarding morality. Does God care about our morals?

Is Any Religion Deserving of Trust?

Have you been disappointed by religion? If so, it may be hard to trust any religion. How can studying the Bible help?

Making a Second Marriage Work

A second marriage may bring challenges that never existed in a first marriage. How can a couple succeed?

He Fills Our “Hearts to the Full”

Every day God allows humans—even the most thankless among them—to benefit from his abundant goodness.

“I No Longer Feel That I Have to Change the World”

How did studying the Bible help a social activist learn the source of true change for mankind?

Does God Care About Our Suffering?

Some people question if God exists because of the suffering they see. Learn from God’s Word how our suffering affects Him.

Bible Questions Answered

People have tried many ways to avoid aging, yet no one has ever obtained eternal life. Why not?

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Why Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Call On People Who Already Have a Religion?

What motivates us to call on people who have their own religion?