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Corruption—How Widespread Is It?

What are the causes of corruption? This series identifies them and also points to the cure.

Corruption—How Widespread Is It?

Effects of corruption can be seen and felt worldwide, sometimes with disastrous consequences.

Why Does Corruption Persist?

The Bible reveals three unwholesome influences responsible for untold suffering and misery.

Is It Possible to Be Honest in a Corrupt World?

How two people learned the benefits of honesty and moral principles.

Corruption Will End!

God will soon take action to rid our earth of corruption. How will he do so?

The Power of God’s Word on a Hindu Family

Why did one Hindu family find peace and hope in studying the Bible?

Does God Punish People in Hellfire?

There are good reasons to believe that God is fair, even when he punishes wicked people.

Did You Know?

Did Christians flee from Judea before Jerusalem’s destruction in 70 C.E.? Who were “the sons of the prophets”?

Can You Live Forever?

The Source of life, Jehovah God, can give everlasting life to others and has promised to do so.

“The Ancient of Days Sat Down”

Who is the Ancient of Days and what does Daniel’s vision mean?

“An Excellent Woman”

Ruth the Moabitess was a poor foreigner in Israel. Why was she called “an excellent woman”?

Does Happiness Depend on Marriage?

Can single Christians be happy? The Bible gives the proper view of marriage, and a perfect example of singleness too.

The Bible Changes Lives

How did two people give up their vices, including alcohol and drugs, and become truly happy?

Guard Against Ambition!

King David’s third son, Absalom, wanted to take over the throne, but his ambition came with a high cost.