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Jehovah’s Witnesses

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This issue contains the study articles for December 31, 2018 to February 3, 2019.

“Buy Truth and Never Sell It”

What does it mean to buy truth? Once we acquire it, how do we hold onto it?

“I Will Walk in Your Truth”

How can we strengthen our determination to hold on to the precious truth Jehovah has taught us?

Trust in Jehovah and Live!

The book of Habakkuk can help us to remain calm despite our problems.

Who Molds Your Thinking?

How can you be molded by Jehovah’s thinking and not man’s?

Are You Making Jehovah’s Thoughts Your Own?

What does it mean to ‘make our mind over,’ and how do we do so?

Kindness​—A Quality Expressed in Word and Action

Kindness is an aspect of the fruitage of God’s holy spirit. How can we develop this beautiful quality?

Questions From Readers

Who were the Benefactors of whom Jesus spoke on the evening before his death, and why were they given that title?

What Gift Can We Give to Jehovah?

What are the “valuable things” mentioned at Proverbs 3:9, and how can we use them to advance true worship?