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Jehovah’s Witnesses

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How This World Will Come to an End

The Bible tells of ten significant events soon to come. What are these? How will they affect you?

Peace for a Thousand Years​—And Beyond!

Consider how Jesus’ Kingdom rule will bring blessings to mankind.

Theocratic Schools​—Evidence of Jehovah’s Love

How can each of us benefit from divine education?

Learn from the Patience of Jehovah and Jesus

How do Jehovah and Jesus show that they are patient? What can we do to imitate their patience?

“You Know Neither the Day Nor the Hour”

What did Jesus mean by these words? What effect should they have on each of us?

Jehovah Congregates His Joyful People

How are the festivals in the Bible similar to conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses? Why is it good for us to attend?