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Are You in Control of Your Life?

Do you feel like a passenger in your own life? See how you can get back in the driver’s seat.

Are You in Control of Your Life?

Unexpected challenges need not permanently disrupt your life.

The Challenge: Unchangeable Circumstances

Four tips can help you to cope if your life seems to have been taken over by events beyond your control.

The Challenge: Overwhelming Demands

If you try to do everything, you may end up unable to do anything. How can you reduce your stress?

The Challenge: Negative Feelings

Do you feel dominated by such emotions as anxiety, anger, and sadness? Some practical steps can help you to deal with them.

Can You Control Your Life?

The secret to gaining control might be simpler than you realize.

A Visit to Mongolia

The “Land of Blue Sky” is home to nomads who practice an unusual form of hospitality.

When a Courtship Ends

How can you move on with your life after a painful breakup?


Does it matter what kind of work you do?

What You Should Know About Malaria

You can protect yourself if you live in or plan to visit a land where malaria is prevalent.

The Crocodile’s Jaw

It can bite three times as hard as a lion or a tiger, yet is more sensitive than a human fingertip. How?

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How Can I Stop Being So Sad?

Learn what you can do when sadness holds you in its grip.

Stealing Is Bad

How does God view stealing? Read Exodus 20:15. Watch the video and learn more with Caleb.