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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Is There a God? What Difference Does It Make?

The scope of the answer might surprise you.

Is There a God? What Difference Does It Make?

Can the answer to a question that many view as either unanswerable or irrelevant really matter?

Spotlight on Africa

Unreported bribery and rhino poaching have something in common.

Dealing With In-Laws

Three tips can help you to keep an in-law problem from becoming a marriage problem.

Decrees That Divided Continents

Why is Brazil the only country in the Americas where Portuguese is the primary language?

Fresh Air and Sunshine—Natural “Antibiotics”?

Modern science confirms the accuracy of observations made during the 1800’s.


Is it just harmless fun?

The Remarkable Hearing of the Greater Wax Moth

With its simple ear, it can do something better than any other known animal.

More Online Features

What Young People Say About Sexual Harassment

Hear what five young people say about being harassed and what to do when it happens.

Be Neat and Clean

Jehovah has a place for everything. Learn how you can be neat and tidy too!