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Spotlight on Africa

Spotlight on Africa

Many organizations and individuals continue to put forth efforts to improve the quality of life in Africa. The region, however, is still plagued by seemingly insurmountable problems.

Rhino Poaching

A total of 1,004 rhinos in South Africa were illegally killed in 2013, compared with just 13 in 2007. Despite this increased supply of rhino horn, though, it continues to be in such high demand that it can cost more per kilogram than gold. A single horn can fetch up to half a million dollars.

TO THINK ABOUT: Will governments ever be able to eliminate lawlessness?Jeremiah 10:23.

Unreported Bribery

Countries in East Africa have some of the highest rates of bribery in the world, says Transparency International. Yet, some 90 percent of the people who encounter bribery do not report it. A spokesman for the organization’s Kenya chapter says: “Citizens do not seem to trust their governments to respond to the reports on corruption.”

WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS: “The bribe blinds clear-sighted men.”Exodus 23:8.

Africans Online

Almost 20 percent of Africans were expected to be using the Internet by the end of 2014, according to the International Telecommunication Union. The number of mobile Internet subscriptions in Africa is growing at a rate twice the global average.