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Jehovah’s Witnesses



How Can People Make Peace?

Most want to live in peace and harmony with their neighbors, but negative attitudes and hurt feelings can interfere. How can we settle our differences amicably?

How Can People Make Peace?

Practical principles from the Bible have helped former enemies to make peace and even to become friends.

Watching the World

Subjects include: a replacement for school and university textbooks, a “green” fuel linked to increased air-pollution deaths, and a Christian denomination in which most members have never read the Bible.

How to Say No

What if your child tests your resolve with whining or pleading?

“Observe Intently the Birds”

What lesson was Jesus teaching when he said this?

William Whiston

He “went from renowned academic to outcast”—but why?

Dreams From God

Does God use dreams to communicate with people today?

The Light-Absorbing Butterfly Wing

Something more is involved than the dark color of some butterfly wings.

More Online Features

How Can I Talk to My Parents About Their Rules?

Good communication skills can help you build your parents’ trust and gain more freedom.

Should You Break Up? (Part 1)

Marriage is a permanent bond. So, if you have second thoughts about the person you’re dating, do not ignore your feelings!

Young People Talk About Healthy Lifestyles

Do you find it hard to eat right and exercise? In this clip young people share what they do to stay healthy.

Pharaoh Bible Card

Did Pharaoh of Egypt survive when his armies were destroyed at the Red Sea?