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Jehovah’s Witnesses



An End to Domestic Violence

Bible education has helped many to replace a violent personality with one of kindness and respect.

Watching the World

Subjects include: The first 3D-printed prosthetic jawbone and Antarctica’s threatened ecology.

How to Avoid Hurtful Speech

What can you do if you and your spouse have let hurtful words affect your relationship?

“I Am Convinced That Life Was Designed by God”

Read why one scientist changed his view of the Bible, evolution, and the origin of life.

An End to Domestic Violence

How can Bible principles help even the most violent individuals change their behavior?

A Visit to Indonesia

Get to know the culture and customs of this friendly, patient, and hospitable people.


Learn what the Bible says about sickness and the treatment of disease.

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More Online Features

What if I’m Being Bullied?

Many who are bullied feel helpless. This article explains what can be done to improve the situation.

Jacob, Esau, and the Stew

Learn about Jacob and Esau! Download this picture activity, print it out, and color it in.