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Jehovah’s Witnesses



How to Be a Good Father

Many fathers find that they and their families benefit when they follow Bible principles.

Watching the World

Subjects include: Eradicating hunger, stress in the workplace, and the air quality of Chinese cities.

How to Be a Good Father

Consider five Bible principles that can help you to be a loving and balanced father.

The Moose—Peculiar Giant of the Forest

You’ll be amazed at the unique characteristics of this large and powerful animal.


If you wish to please God, find out how he feels about pornography.

How to Set Rules for Your Teenager

What can you do if your teenager constantly seems to be irritated by your rules?

Robert Boyle

He was a chemist, a man of science, and he had great faith in God and the Bible.

The Jumping Spider’s Blurry Vision

How does this spider calculate precise distance? Why do researchers want to copy its technique?

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How Can I Stop Procrastinating?

Get tips on how to stop putting things off!

Lot and His Family—An Illustrated Story

Download this activity, and see what you can learn from Lot and his family.