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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Immigration—Dreams and Realities

What problems have immigrants faced in their new land?

Watching the World

Keep informed about current events and points of interest from around the world.

How to Stop Arguing

Are you and your spouse constantly arguing? Learn how Bible principles can help your marriage.

Immigration—Dreams and Realities

Does moving to another country guarantee a better life for your family?

A Designer of Robots Explains His Faith

Professor Massimo Tistarelli tells why he changed his views about evolution.


Read what led to the fusing of Plato’s ideas with Christian teachings.

The Needy

Find out how God shows he cares for people in need.

The Tail of the Agama Lizard

How can this lizard jump from a horizontal surface onto a vertical wall?

More Online Features

What Should I Know About Texting?

Texting can affect your friendships and your reputation. Find out how.

The Story of Jacob and Esau

Read about Jacob and Esau, two brothers who learned to get along.