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Jehovah’s Witnesses



Raising Considerate Children in a Me-First World

How to avoid three common mistakes some parents make.

Watching the World

Keep informed about current events and points of interest from around the world.

How to Communicate With Your Teenager

Do you feel frustrated when talking to your teenager? What factors make it challenging?

A Biochemist Explains Her Faith

Learn the scientific facts she considered and why she has faith in God’s Word.

Raising Considerate Children in a Me-First World

Consider three areas where you can help your children avoid developing a me-first attitude.

A Visit to Cameroon

Learn about the customs and people of this African country.


Is it in heaven or a real place on earth? Who can live there?

The Bar-Tailed Godwit’s Navigational System

Learn about this bird’s eight-day journey, one of the most amazing migrations known to man.

More Online Features

How Can I Deal With Sexual Harassment?

Learn what sexual harassment is and what to do if you are a victim of it.

Solomon Acts Wisely

Find out what’s missing from this picture, connect the dots, and color it in.