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AWAKE! NO. 6 2016

Disease—How to Reduce the Risk

Emerging and re-emerging diseases can be a serious threat to your health. What is your best defense?

Disease—How to Reduce the Risk

Every day your body wages war against enemies that are silent and unseen but potentially deadly.

Protect Yourself From Disease

Consider five factors that can expose you to disease and how you can put up the best possible defense against them.

The Byssus of the Marine Mussel

Marine mussels anchor themselves by means of threads. Understanding how these work could help devise new and better ways of attaching equipment to buildings, or tendons to bones.

How to Show Respect

Respect in marriage is not a luxury—it is a necessity. How can you show that you respect your mate?

Desiderius Erasmus

He has been called the “Renaissance equivalent of today’s international celebrity.” What made him famous?

The Extraordinary Clown Fish

This tiny fish with its fancy coloring shares an amazing partnership with the anemone. What makes this relationship unique, and how does it work?


Punctuality—or the lack of it—can affect your reputation. What does the Bible say about this valuable quality? And how can you learn to be punctual?

Subject Index for 2016 Awake!

A categorized list of articles published in the 2016 issues.

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Jehovah has a place for everything. Learn how you can be neat and tidy too!

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The history of six popular Christmas customs may surprise you.