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Jehovah’s Witnesses


AWAKE! NO. 1 2016

Attitude Makes a Difference!

Positive thinking might help you more than you realize.

Attitude Makes a Difference!

Can the Bible’s wisdom help you to be happier?

What Do You Know About Jehovah’s Witnesses?

Check the facts with this eight-question self-test.

How to Make Real Friends

Four tips can help you to move from shallow relationships to deep friendships.

A Visit to Liechtenstein

What attracts tourists to this micro-state year-round?


Do all good people go to heaven when they die?

The Color-Changing Ability of the Cuttlefish

Engineers are trying to mimic this ability by creating clothing that would change color in a fraction of a second.

More Online Features

What Happens When You Die?

Are the dead aware of what is happening around them?

Young People Talk About Money

Get tips on saving, spending, and keeping money in its place.