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Jehovah’s Witnesses


Teach Your Children

Parents, use these stories to teach your children valuable Bible lessons.


Words from the book of Deuteronomy can be a guide for you as you raise your children.

A Secret That We Are Happy to Know

The Bible talks about a special secret called “the sacred secret.” Would you like to learn about it?

Rebekah Wanted to Make Jehovah Happy

What can we do to be like Rebekah? Read the story and learn more about her.

Rahab Believed in Jehovah

Learn how Rahab and her family were saved when Jericho was destroyed.

She Made Her Father and Jehovah Happy

What promise did Jephthah’s daughter keep? How can we imitate her?

Samuel Kept Doing What Was Right

How can you imitate Samuel and do what is right even when other people are doing bad things?

David Was Not Afraid

Read this exciting Bible story to learn what made David so brave.

Do You Ever Feel Lonely and Afraid?

What did Jehovah tell Elijah when he felt all alone? What can you learn from what happened to Elijah?

Josiah Had Good Friends

The Bible tells us that it was very hard for Josiah to do what was right. Find out how his friends helped him.

Jeremiah Did Not Stop Speaking About Jehovah

Even though people made fun of him and got angry with him, why did Jeremiah keep talking about God?

Jesus Always Obeyed

It is not always easy to obey your parents. See how Jesus’ example can help you.

They Wrote About Jesus

Learn about the eight Bible writers who lived at the same time as Jesus and wrote about his life.

Paul’s Nephew Was Brave

This young man saved his uncle’s life. What did he do?

Timothy Wanted to Help People

How can you have a happy and exciting life, as Timothy did?

A Kingdom That Will Rule the Whole Earth

What will it be like when Jesus rules over the earth? Would you like to be there?