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Jehovah’s Witnesses


2016 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses



THIS is a stirring account about humble Christian men and women who courageously stood firm through political upheavals, religious conflicts, and a clergy-inspired ban that lasted 25 years. Learn about a brother whose name was on a Communist death list and about a former crime boss who became a mature Christian. Read the heartwarming story of two deaf girls who became friends and then discovered that they were siblings. And learn how Jehovah’s people are successfully sharing the good news with the world’s largest Muslim population.


An Overview of Indonesia

Get a quick summary of the land, people, and customs of the world’s largest island chain.

The Spice Trade

During the 16th century, the spice trade powered the global economy.

That Is Where I Want to Start!

A few intrepid colporteurs (pioneers) from Australia overcame challenges as they opened up the preaching work.

Early Preaching Methods

Radio broadcasts and harbor witnessing aroused the anger of powerful adversaries of the truth in Indonesia.

The Bibelkring

This religious movement had its basis in the publications of Jehovah’s Witnesses, but fell victim to human reasoning.

He Treasured Spiritual Riches

Rioters looted the home of Thio Seng Bie as he looked on, yet they left something behind that he valued more than the things he lost.

West Java Bears Fruit

As their publications were progressively banned, the Witnesses used ingenuity to carry on their preaching work.

Under the Japanese Yoke

During World War II, some Witnesses found a way to register with the Japanese authorities without violating their neutrality.

A Fearless Pioneer

During 60 years of service, André Elias maintained his integrity despite interrogation and threats.

Gilead Missionaries Arrive

The first Gilead-trained missionaries to arrive helped to advance the preaching work quickly.

The Work Expands East

Would the clergy’s opposition succeed this time?

More Missionaries Arrive

Conditions for preaching the good news quickly deteriorated during the mid-1970’s.

A True Daughter of Sarah

Titi Koetin happily subjected herself to her husband and gained a rich reward in return.

A Memorable Convention

The “Everlasting Good News” Assembly of 1963 succeeded despite serious obstacles.

I Survived a Communist Uprising

Ronald Jacka’s grave had already been dug.

Fifty Years a Special Pioneer

In 1964, a Protestant minister threatened, ‘I am going to rid Manokwari of Jehovah’s Witnesses!’ Did he succeed?

From Crime Boss to Respected Citizen

The Director of Intelligence asked: “What are Jehovah’s Witnesses really doing in Indonesia?”

Determined to Move Forward

What moved some observers to say, “Jehovah’s Witnesses are like nails”?

They Did Not Forsake Meeting Together

When the ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses was lifted, an official paradoxically said: “This registration document does not grant you freedom of worship.”

Christian Love in Times of Disaster

Jehovah’s Witnesses responded quickly after an earthquake leveled the Indonesian town of Gunungsitoli.

We Would Not Compromise Our Faith

Daniel Lokollo recalls his persecution at the hands of prison guards.

We Obeyed Direction—And Lived!

Conflict between Muslims and Christians in Indonesia created a critical situation for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The Work Gains Momentum

Once the ban was lifted, the brothers benefited from three key initiatives.

Proudly Declaring Jehovah’s Name

How did the Witnesses overcome the challenges from habits and culture that inhibited their boldness?

A Branch Office in the Sky

Need-greaters looking for the next preaching frontier have found it.

Jehovah Surpassed Our Expectations!

The congregation in the village of Tugala Oyo, Indonesia, received an unexpected blessing.

Reunited at Last!

Two deaf sisters in Indonesia were separated when one was given up for adoption, but the truth brought them together.