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Brother David Splane, a member of the Governing Body, and his wife are warmly greeted upon their arrival at Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport.

NOVEMBER 9, 2018

Hospitality and Unity on Display During Special Convention in Ukraine

Hospitality and Unity on Display During Special Convention in Ukraine

Jehovah’s Witnesses in Ukraine welcomed thousands of their brothers and sisters for the special convention held in Lviv, Ukraine, on July 6-8, 2018. Over 3,300 delegates from nine countries traveled to Ukraine, primarily to benefit from the spiritual program that featured the theme “Be Courageous”! They also enjoyed the warm hospitality extended by their Ukrainian hosts.

Preparations for the convention began in April 2017, and over the next 15 months many local Witnesses volunteered to assist in arranging for the convention activities and to care for the brothers during their visit. Delegates experienced some of the unique aspects of Ukrainian culture that included dance and musical performances, and a taste of traditional food. Guided tours were arranged to visit a local museum, ancient castles, and to see a part of the spectacular Carpathian mountain range. A special highlight was the opportunity to accompany local Ukrainian Witnesses in the field ministry.

The convention program originated from a large arena in Lviv, and the peak attendance was over 25,000. Key portions of the program were broadcast to 15 other stadiums and numerous Kingdom Halls throughout the country, with a total attendance of over 125,000 and 1,420 baptized.

Ivan Riher, a representative at the branch office in Ukraine, commented: “We greatly anticipated this special event and the chance to welcome our brothers and sisters from other countries. We enjoyed extending Ukrainian hospitality to our visitors and felt that the unity and courage among our global family of worshippers was strengthened.”—Psalm 133:1.


The peak attendance at the arena in Lviv was 25,489.

One of the oldest baptismal candidates among the 1,420 that were baptized.

One of the many young ones baptized at the convention.

Local publishers were paired with delegates in the field ministry to invite town residents to the convention.

The branch rented the Lviv Opera House that features the largest stage in the city. Delegates enjoyed live performances that included traditional Ukrainian dancing and singing. The evening program concluded with the singing of “Jehovah Is Your Name.”

Local Witnesses perform a Romany folk dance at the Svirzh Castle.

At the conclusion of the program, local publishers displayed signs expressing love for their visiting brothers and sisters.