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Six pools are used to baptize 7,402 people at the 1993 “Divine Teaching” International Convention in Kyiv, Ukraine

OCTOBER 25, 2023

Remembering a Historic Baptism in Ukraine 30 Years Later

Remembering a Historic Baptism in Ukraine 30 Years Later

On August 7, 1993, in Kyiv, Ukraine, 7,402 brothers and sisters were baptized at the “Divine Teaching” International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses. This remains the largest baptism in the modern-day history of Jehovah’s people. The remarkable event left a lasting impression on those baptized that day.

Among those baptized were Volodymyr and his wife, Alla. This was the first convention they had ever attended. Reflecting on the nearly 65,000 in attendance from 16 countries, they commented: “That convention in Kyiv showed us that our worldwide brotherhood is a reality and not just something we read about in the publications. Now, after attending conventions all these years, we have been able to meet many more wonderful living examples of how to pursue spiritual goals and be happy.”

Left: Volodymyr and his wife, Alla, attend the international convention in 1993. Right: Volodymyr and Alla today

Oleksandr, a brother from Kyiv, was among the over 50 brothers and sisters from his congregation to be baptized at the convention. He recalled the atmosphere there: “I was moved to tears by the love and unity on display there. It convinced me that I belong to a loving spiritual family. Attending conventions today still affects me in the same way.”

Left: Oleksandr poses for a photo at the international convention in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 1993. Right: Oleksandr and his wife, Larysa, today

Reflecting on her baptism day and the entire convention, a sister named Liudmyla said: “The ‘Divine Teaching’ program helped me to focus on my spiritual goals. I made it my goal to serve Jehovah full-time. I reached that goal, and now I have been sharing in the full-time ministry for some 28 years. Over all of these years, Jehovah has always supported me.”

Left: Liudmyla at the 1993 “Divine Teaching” International Convention. Right: Liudmyla today

The 1993 “Divine Teaching” International Convention in Kyiv was truly a memorable event. Since that time, the number of publishers in Ukraine has nearly tripled. Today, Jehovah continues to bless those in Ukraine who courageously take sides with him, make a personal dedication, and get baptized.—Exodus 32:26.