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Left: Brother Gage Fleegle at the dedication program. Top right: The Assembly Hall complex in Turda, Romania. Bottom right: The Romania branch facilities, with the newly dedicated buildings highlighted

SEPTEMBER 20, 2023

Dedication of Assembly Hall and Expanded Branch Facilities in Romania

Dedication of Assembly Hall and Expanded Branch Facilities in Romania

On August 26, 2023, the Assembly Hall complex in Turda, Romania, and three buildings that were added to the branch facilities in Bucharest, Romania, were dedicated during a talk given by Brother Gage Fleegle, a member of the Governing Body. He spoke to an audience of 1,702 people at the Assembly Hall, with an additional 14,101 tied in via videoconference.

During the dedication program, the audience heard reports about the history of theocratic construction work in Romania and how Jehovah has blessed these efforts. Brothers and sisters who served on the various construction teams were also interviewed. After the program, Sister Iaela Drăghici, who helped with the construction of the Turda Assembly Hall, stated: “It makes me so happy to see these buildings dedicated to Jehovah for the purpose of glorifying him.” Brother Bruce Dyer, an international construction volunteer who worked on the branch expansion, added: “We deeply appreciate the extraordinary privilege we had to participate in this construction. We thank Jehovah very much for his undeserved kindness!”

A total of 1,702 brothers and sisters attend the dedication program at the Turda Assembly Hall

The new buildings at the branch contain a classroom currently used for the School for Kingdom Evangelizers and residences for the Bethel family. The new buildings also include translation offices, a Kingdom Hall, and the main lobby of the branch. The newly dedicated Assembly Hall can accommodate 1,200 people indoors and 1,350 people outdoors and is used by approximately 15,000 brothers and sisters from various parts of the country.

A crowd of 23,968 gathers at the Cluj Arena in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, for a special program the day after the dedication. Inset: Brothers and sisters hold up a sign that says “We Love You!” in Romanian

As a continuation of the dedication program, an event was held at a stadium in the city of Cluj-Napoca on the following day, August 27. A total of 23,968 attended in person. The program was translated into English, Hungarian, Romanian Sign Language, Romany (Romania), Russian, Russian Sign Language, and Ukrainian and was broadcast to all the congregations in Romania and Ukraine. In total, 121,411 were in attendance.

We rejoice with our brothers and sisters in Romania that these buildings have now been dedicated to Jehovah and will continue to promote pure worship.—Isaiah 2:3.