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DECEMBER 22, 2021

Typhoon Rai Devastates Philippines

Typhoon Rai Devastates Philippines

Typhoon Rai (locally known as Odette) made landfall on scattered areas in the Philippines from December 16 to 18, 2021. It had maximum sustained winds of 195 kilometers per hour (121 mph) when it made its first landfall on Siargao Island, Philippines. Provinces in Northern Mindanao, Southern Luzon, and Visayas suffered severe damage.

Effect on Our Brothers and Sisters

  • Sadly, 4 publishers died

  • 1 publisher is still missing

  • 12 brothers and sisters were injured

  • More than 2,000 publishers have been displaced

  • 246 homes were destroyed

  • 327 homes sustained major damage

  • 1,174 homes sustained minor damage

  • 43 Kingdom Halls sustained minor damage

Relief Efforts

  • 6 Disaster Relief Committees have been appointed to oversee the relief work

  • Local elders are shepherding those impacted, including those who have lost loved ones

  • All relief efforts are in accordance with COVID-19 safety guidelines

Under the direction of the elders, brothers and sisters from unaffected areas donated food and clothing for the publishers affected by the typhoon. Food packs from Davao City were immediately distributed to the families in need in Surigao City.

We are saddened to learn that some of our dear brothers and sisters have died in this disaster. As we cope with these “critical times hard to deal with,” we continue to rely on Jehovah to comfort and strengthen us.—2 Timothy 3:1.