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“I Want To”

“I Want To”

(Luke 5:13)

  1. 1. Kind and patient, perfect in love,

    Was Christ, who came down from above.

    He took care of our needs

    With words and by deeds;

    He gave of his time and his love.

    He would keep the lowly in mind

    By healing the sick, deaf, and blind.

    To his royal commission he proved true

    And willingly said: “I want to.”

  2. 2. We now try to follow his way

    In all of our dealings each day.

    We are loving and kind

    To all whom we find;

    We help them to learn and obey.

    We respond to friends when in need;

    We love them in word and in deed.

    So if widows and orphans should ask you,

    Then readily say: “I want to.”