This issue contains the study articles for September 29 to October 26, 2014.

What Is the Role of Women in Jehovah’s Purpose?

Learn what the rebellion against God has meant for men and women. Consider the experiences of some faithful women of the past. Also, find out how Christian women contribute to God’s work today.

Use the Word of God—It Is Alive!

All of Jehovah’s Witnesses want to be effective in the ministry. Consider some practical suggestions on how to use the powerful Word of God along with our tracts to have conversations with people.

How Jehovah Draws Close to Us

We need to have a close relationship with Jehovah. Learn how the ransom and the Bible prove that Jehovah draws us close to him.

Hear Jehovah’s Voice Wherever You Are

Learn how important it is to listen to Jehovah’s voice and communicate with him. This article will help us to see how we can avoid allowing Satan and our own sinful tendencies to distract us from listening to Jehovah.

Are You Receiving “Food at the Proper Time”?

Must a person have access to all of the material that the faithful slave provides in order to remain spiritually strong?

Questions From Readers

When Jesus said that resurrected ones “neither marry nor are given in marriage,” was he talking about the earthly resurrection?

Did You Know?

In Biblical times, what was the significance of a person’s deliberately ripping apart his own garments?