This issue discusses how to deal with adversities, attitudes, and actions Christians should avoid, and what we can do to benefit from God’s promises.

Meeting Today’s Adversities With Courage

How can we be courageous and focus on good things no matter what happens to us?

What Kind of Spirit Do You Show?

How can we promote peaceful relationships with others? Learn from good and bad examples recorded in the Bible.

Obey God and Benefit From His Sworn Promises

To benefit from God’s promises we must obey him and keep our promises. Learn what can help us to do just that.

Let Your Yes Mean Yes

What is involved in being truthful? How can we keep our most important promise to God?

They Offered Themselves Willingly​—In Brazil

Read encouraging experiences of some who moved to another place in order to do more for God.

Encouragement “Out of the Mouth of Children”

Read how children in Russia were encouraged by their Christian friends.