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Why Understand the Bible?

Why Understand the Bible?

“The Bible is a religious classic. But it’s a foreign book and not relevant to the Chinese.”—LIN, CHINA.

“I can’t even understand the holy books of my Hindu religion. So how could I understand the Holy Bible?”—AMIT, INDIA.

“I respect the Bible as an old book and have heard that it’s a best seller. But I’ve never personally seen a copy.”—YUMIKO, JAPAN.

Many people around the world hold the Bible in high esteem. Yet they may know little, if anything, about the Bible’s contents. That is certainly true of millions living in Asia, but it is also true of many in lands where the Bible is widely circulated.

However, you might ask, ‘Why should I be interested in understanding the Bible?’ Unlocking the meaning of this sacred book can help you to do the following:

  • Find contentment and happiness

  • Deal with family problems

  • Cope with anxieties

  • Improve personal relationships

  • Manage money wisely

Take, for instance, Yoshiko, in Japan. She wondered what the Bible was all about and decided to read it for herself. What was the result? “The Bible has helped me to find a purpose in life and hope for the future,” she said, adding: “I no longer feel empty inside.” Amit, quoted earlier, decided to examine the Bible personally. “I was amazed,” he says. “The Bible contains practical information for everyone.”

The Bible has profoundly affected the lives of millions of people. Why not examine it for yourself and see how it can benefit you?