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Hard Work​—Is It Outdated?

Hard Work​—Is It Outdated?

Alex sighs as he lifts another box onto the truck of the moving company he works for. ‘Why am I stuck in this dead-end job?’ he asks himself. ‘When am I going to hit it big? My life would be so much better if I didn’t have to work!’

Like Alex in this scenario, many today do not enjoy working hard. “A lot of people think that it’s beneath them to do ‘menial’ work,” says an auto mechanic named Aaron. “Their attitude is: ‘I’m only doing this until a better opportunity comes along.’”

Why do many feel that hard work is not for them? Perhaps they have been influenced by the media, which often portrays an “ideal” life as one of luxury and ease. “People think that the harder you have to work to make a living, the less successful you are,” says Matthew, a maintenance worker. A janitor named Shane has noticed the same trend. He says: “A full day’s work for a full day’s wage is something that people simply do not do anymore.”

On the other hand, many successful people actually enjoy hard work. “I think that hard work is extremely rewarding, especially when it’s directed toward worthwhile goals,” says a 25-year-old construction worker named Daniel. Andre, 23, would agree. “I believe that happiness and enjoyment are linked to work,” he says. “Less work and activity is not a venture that will lead to long-term happiness​—only long-term boredom!”

How have people like Daniel and Andre developed a positive view of hard work? Simply put, they have applied Bible principles in their life. Far from discouraging hard work, the Bible promotes diligence and perseverance. But the Bible does more than just tell us to work. It also shows us how to enjoy our work.

Which Bible principles can help you to find satisfaction in your work? We invite you to consider a few of them, as discussed in the following article.