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Why Dorcas Was Loved

Why Dorcas Was Loved

WE ALL want people to love us. Do you feel that way? * The Bible tells about Dorcas, a woman whom many loved very much.

Dorcas lived in Joppa, a city next to the Mediterranean Sea. Jerusalem was only about 35 miles (56 km) inland from Joppa. Dorcas was one of Jesus’ early disciples.

Why, do you think, was Dorcas loved so much?— Well, the Bible says that she did many good things and gave fine gifts. She apparently made nice clothes for widows, that is, women whose husbands had died. She also spoke to many about the true God, Jehovah, just as Jesus had done.

Do you know what bad thing happens to Dorcas now?— She becomes very sick and dies. Her friends are all sad. So they send some people to where the apostle Peter is staying, about ten miles (16 km) away. These people ask him to come quickly. When Peter arrives, he goes upstairs to where Dorcas is. The women are all crying, and they show him the clothes that Dorcas made for them.

Peter then tells everyone to leave the room. Peter and other apostles have performed miracles before, but never has any one of them brought a dead person back to life. What do you think Peter does now?

Peter kneels down next to the dead body and prays to Jehovah. Then he tells Dorcas to rise. And Dorcas does! Peter gives her his hand and helps her up. Then he calls in the widows and the others and shows her to them. Can you imagine how happy they all are?

Let us think now what you can learn from this story about the resurrection of Dorcas. One thing it shows is that if you help others, you will be loved in return by many of them. But more important, you will be remembered and loved by God. He will never forget the good things you do for other people. And he will reward you with everlasting life in happiness in his righteous new world.

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^ par. 3 If you are reading with a child, the dash provides a reminder to pause and encourage the child to express himself.