This issue contains the study articles for October 23 to November 26, 2017.

Cultivate Self-Control

How can Biblical examples help us to develop and exercise this quality? Why should Christians want to cultivate it?

Imitate Jehovah’s Compassion

On one occasion, Jehovah revealed himself to Moses by declaring His own name and qualities. One of the first qualities God mentioned was his compassion. What is this quality, and why should it interest you?


I Have Been Blessed to Work With Spiritual Men

David Sinclair recalls some of the joys and privileges he has experienced while working with loyal brothers and sisters during the 61 years spent at Brooklyn Bethel.

“The Word of Our God Endures Forever”

The Bible is still a best-seller centuries after being completed, despite changes in language and political climate, and opposition to Bible translation.

“The Word of God . . . Exerts Power”

Many individuals have made remarkable changes as a result of studying God’s Word. What is required if the Bible is to have such an effect on us?

“Be Courageous . . . and Go to Work”

Why do we need courage, and how can we acquire it?