This issue contains the study articles for December 2-29, 2019.

1919​—One Hundred Years Ago

In 1919, Jehovah energized his people to preach as never before. But first, the Bible Students needed a dramatic change in their situation.

God’s Judgments​—Does He Always Give Enough Warning?

Jehovah God is now alerting earth’s inhabitants to a “storm” that is more ominous than anything they might hear about in a weather report. How is he doing so?

Keep Busy During the Last of “the Last Days”

What events will occur at the end of “the last days”? And what does Jehovah expect us to do while we wait for those events?

Stay Faithful Through the “Great Tribulation”

What will Jehovah expect us to do during the “great tribulation”? How can we prepare ourselves now in order to stay faithful?

What Will Jehovah Cause You to Become?

In ancient times, Jehovah gave his servants the desire and the power to act. How does Jehovah equip us to serve him today?

Give Jehovah Exclusive Devotion

Consider two specific areas of our life that can help us measure the extent of our devotion to Jehovah.