This issue contains the study articles for December 25, 2017 to January 28, 2018.

Make a Joyful Sound!

If you find singing with the congregation embarrassing, how can you overcome this feeling and use your voice to praise Jehovah?

Are You Taking Refuge in Jehovah?

The arrangement of the cities of refuge in ancient Israel teaches us about God’s forgiveness.

Imitate Jehovah’s Justice and Mercy

How do the cities of refuge reveal Jehovah’s mercy? What do they teach us about his view of life? How do they reflect his perfect justice?

“The Generous Person Will Be Blessed”

We can use our time, energy, and other resources to support the Kingdom-preaching work.

Reject Worldly Thinking

We all need to prevent popular ideas from corrupting our mind. Consider five examples of worldly thinking.

Let Nothing Deprive You of the Prize

After reminding fellow Christians of their marvelous hope, the apostle Paul provided some loving warnings.

How Can You Adjust to Your New Congregation?

If you have to change congregations, you may be apprehensive. What can help you to adjust?